The Primary Difference Between SEO And SEM Marketing

When you do online marketing, you have many different choices available. When the Internet first became available on a large-scale, and people could access it through their computers, there were a couple of types of marketing techniques that could be implemented. The first was PPC advertising, a kind of advertising that is similar to classified ads, but these would appear on websites across the web. The other way was through the search engines. People could create a website, target specific keyword phrases, and their website would appear on the search listings. Today, this is a much more comprehensive playing field, one that requires multiple forms of advertising strategies, some of which are much better than others. Two of the top marketing strategies for the web include SEO and SEM. This overview of these two forms of marketing will explain the primary differences, and also tell why you should use either or both of them.

What You Should Understand About SEO Marketing

People typically refer to this as search engine optimization. As the name of this marketing strategy states, you are optimizing your website for the search engines. This is done improving your site, adding new content regularly, and getting links back from authority websites to boost your online positions.

Why You Should Consider Using SEM Marketing

Referred to as search engine marketing, this is very similar to SEO, possessing some of the same marketing techniques. The primary difference is that it uses more marketing strategies, and also has a different focus. When you use SEM, you can go far beyond attracting people that will find you on the search engine listings. You can target those that use mobile phones, and you can build your brand very quickly, for yourself and other businesses.

What Are The Similarities Between These Two Forms Of Marketing?

The similarities between SEM and SEO is that both of them use search engines. When most people search for items they would like to buy or services that they would want to use, they will go to websites like Google. That is why most marketers today will try to rank their site on Google, above all of the other search engines, in an attempt to make more sales.

What Are The Differences Between These Two Forms Of Marketing?

There are several differences between these two forms of marketing. For instance, SEM marketing incorporates SEO, but not the reverse. Search engine marketing will include paid advertising such as PPC ads on Facebook and Google. As mentioned before, you can also target mobile users, of which there are millions of people that will see your ads.

Which Form Of Marketing Is The Most Effective?

For some people, those that are diehard professional SEO experts, search engine optimization is the only form of marketing that they will use. They understand that most people are attracted to the organic listings on the search results, and tend to pay less attention to the paid advertisements. However, people that believe in SEM marketing will think a little bit differently. They understand the benefits of organic listings, but they also know that people click on the blue advertisements at the top, right, and at the bottom of the page. They also know that mobile users are going to tap on the ads that they see on their phone, giving them yet another source for potential revenue.

This overview of the primary difference between SEO and SEM should give you some insight as to which one you should use. The fundamental difference is that search engine marketing uses paid advertising, whereas search engine optimization does not. With that in mind, you can now make a logical choice as to which type of marketing will be best suited for your business and your budget.

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